What is Light Smile and how does it differ from other Whitening systems?
Light Smile is a tooth whitening system that combines all the universally accepted techniques of tooth whitening  into a single, proven system. Unlike tke-home products that rely only on hydrogen peroxide and tooth contct time, Light Smile also incorporates an activating light and a unique gel application to deliver fast and highly effective results. While take home products require days of applications in order o see a result, one Light Smile treatment will whiten your teeth two to six shades, guaranteed in less than 30 minutes.

What causes tooth discoloration?
There are many reasons for discolored teeth. Aging and the on-going ingestion of coffee, tea, cola, red wine, tobacco products, curries,etc, can lead to the staining of the teeth. The ingestion of tetracycline and excessive fluoride frequently causes such sever staining that extended treatment lengths and perhaps more aggressive means may be required.

Why should I consider having whiter teeth?
Studies have shown that not only do people who have whiter teeth look younger than people who don’t, but that there is a correlation between high self-esteem and white, confident smile. In addition to the aesthetic reasons, it is also true those persons who have whitened their teeth develop a greater awareness of their teeth and become more compliant with oral hygiene routines.

Is Whitening Safe?
Tooth whitening is the number one patient-requested cosmetic procedure in dentistry today. Since its introduction, millions of patients have undergone some form of tooth bleaching. There have been numerous studies over the years showing that hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide based tooth whitening systems are safe an effective.

How does Light Smile teeth whitening work?
There are two types of tooth stains”extrinsic”, those stains that are on the surface of the tooth, and “intrinsic”, those stains that are on the inside of the tooth an show through the enamel as discoloration. While whitening toothpastes and chewing gums may be effective for removing extrinsic stains, they are  not designed to work inside the tooth to remove the darker, more challenging intrinsic stains. Light Smile’s special gel is the most effective material for removing the internal stains. When applied to the tooth, the gel breaks down into water nd radical hydroxyl ions. As these ions work their way through the dentinal tubules and into the tooth, they attach themselves to stain particles and effectively break the stains apart. With the stains removed the teeth appear whiter and brighter.

What results can I expect?
Individual results will very depending on the consumers habits and their unique dental make-up, but it is safe to say that the initial results will last the average consumer up to one year. Over time, and for the very same reasons that caused the teeth to discolor in the first place, the consumer will notice their teeth darkening again. When this happens, the consumer can simply repeat teeth whitening procedure and the teeth will be restored back to their brilliant white color. Consumers who smoke cigarettes or drink heavy quantities of dark, acidic liquide  like: coffee, tea, red wine, colas, etc.., will have to touch up their teeth more often than people who do not.

Are there adverse effects?
There are relatively few side effects from teeth whitening. A very small percentage of consumers may experience some sensitivity during a whitening procedure. This discomfort, which typically goes away with in 24-48 hours after discontinuing the whitening, can be minimized with a desensitizing agent like potassium nitrate, or a common, over the counter anti- inflammatory agent. in rare cases, some consumers ay also experience gingival irritation. This too is temporary and will go away once the whitening is stopped.

Will my fillings and crowns be affected by the whitening?
Hydrogen or carbamide peroxide will have no negative effect on the integrity of fillings and crowns.

Is Whitening for everyone?
Pregnant and nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and diabetics should consult their physician prior to undergoing the whitening procedure.  Consumers with severely stained teeth may opt for a more aggressive cosmetic procedure like bonding and veneers..