Our acne treatments are highly effective and customized programs that are best determined by your esthetician upon initial consultation, as you work together to create a plan that will be properly suited to each client’s needs. Many of our clients begin at the Advanced Acne level, and over time transition to a maintenance schedule of mini acne treatments. Our clients often achieve their greatest success when they commit to our 12 week Acne Program.

Mini Acne Treatment – A few occasional breakouts, or maintenance program

Balancing Acne Treatment – Active and consistent breakouts

Advanced Acne Treatment – Advanced/Cystic Acne

  • Mini Acne Treatment [45 MIN]

    This treatment is best designed for clients who have occasional minor breakouts, and is also used as a maintenance program for clients who have graduated from our Advanced Acne Treatment. This 45-minute treatments includes a deep exfoliation, minimal extractions, LED blue light treatment with peptides and moisturizers.

  • Balanced Acne Treatment [60 MIN]

    This safe and effective treatment is ideal for clients struggling with persistent acne. This treatment includes advanced exfoliation, extractions, and other customized modalities which may include microcurrent, microdermabrasion or LED light treatment, all based upon the client’s needs and professional recommendation of your esthetician.

  • Advanced Acne Treatment [90 MIN]

    This Advanced Acne Treatment is designed to accelerate results when working with very congested skin, using various modalities to help flush and eradicate deep congestion and redness. Service includes exfoliation, extractions, and an Enzyme treatment which stimulates fresh blood flow to the tissue, bringing vital nutrients and oxygenation to the skin.

  • 12 week Acne Program

    12-week Skin Rejuvenation Programs are available for Acne, pigmentation, anti-aging, and photo-damaged skin. This program is designed to bring the skin back into balance by restoring and rebuilding the matrix of the skin, and involves a commitment to at home care, professional treatments, as well as education concerning the impact that diet and lifestyle might have on skin conditions. Every program is individually tailored to the special needs of the client’s condition. A homecare skin regime is required.